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Antiseptics for cesspools

Means for septic tanks, cesspools and latrines holiday Mikrobek Microbec ultra, 1kg
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410 UAH
  • 400 UAH/pcs  - from 3 pcs
Microbec (mikrobek), biological product to decompose the contents of cesspools. Using Microbec (mikrobek) reduces the frequency of emptying cesspits, it helps in the treatment plant, eliminates odor and cleans plumbing systems. Effect of the drug: Microbec (mikrobek) contains a culture of...
Group: Antiseptics for cesspools
Means Microbec Ultra Mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank
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25 UAH
  • 23 UAH/pcs  - from 10 pcs
Ultra (Ultra Mikrobek) - microbiological agent for biodegradation (biodegradation) and cleaning septic tanks, cesspools content, country of toilets, sanitary and sewage installations and structures. The systematic use Mikrobek (Microbec) reduces the number of cleanings sump, cottage toilets,...
Group: Antiseptics for cesspools
BioClin preparation for cesspools, septic tanks, drainage systems (bacteria), 1 l
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395 UAH
BioClin - efektivnost preparation for disinfection, removal of harmful bacteria and odor from the cesspools, septic tanks, Court tualetah.Gotovy to the use of a concentrate consisting of mikroorganizmov.V result robots microorganisms organic solid waste fractions pererabatyvayutsya into carbon...
Group: Antiseptics for cesspools


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