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Disinfection, disinfestations

Extermination of rats, deratization services
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Rat - a rodent who treats widespread family of mouse. Have two appearance of rats special value because of economic damage and as carriers of dangerous infectious diseases (plague, typhus, hepatitis, etc.), respectively, therefore poses a real threat to health of the person. This is a black rat...
Group: Disinfestation
Scare moles
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580 UAH
Mole  - insectivorous rodent. Most moles creates a system of underground tunnels in the meadows, suburban areas, flower beds with flowers, occasionally throwing the earth in the form of molehills, earth mounds. Mole common - the typical inhabitant of deciduous forests, river valleys with meadows...
Group: Fumigation
Extermination of mice, deratization services
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580 UAH
Mice are very widespread rodents. Distinguish a house mouse (most often lives in inhabited apartments and offices) and a mouse vole (most often meeting in country houses and dachas). Besides damage and pollution of food, mice are carriers of such infectious diseases as a tulyaremiya,...
Group: Disinfestation
Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection)
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580 UAH
Problem of disinfection in the centers of the infectious diseases (the apartment, the house, the office and working room, hospital office, etc.) caused by pathogenic microbes - selective destruction of the causative agent of a concrete disease, for example, in the tuberculosis center – the...
Group: Disinfection of rooms and disinfection of apartments
Disinfection of transport
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580 UAH
Sanitary preventive enterprise "Biosanlayf" renders services on transportation of disinfection. Vehicles designed for the transport of foodstuffs: trucks carrying perishable goods - not less than 1 time in 10 days; transport, transporting non-perishable food - at least 1 time per...
Group: Disinfection of vehicles for the transporting food


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