Means microbec ultra mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank in Vinnitsa online-store SPP
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Means Microbec Ultra Mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank
  • Means Microbec Ultra Mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank
  • Means Microbec Ultra Mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank
  • Means Microbec Ultra Mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank

Means Microbec Ultra Mikrobek for cesspools, septic tank

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Country of manufacture:Poland

Ultra (Ultra Mikrobek) - microbiological agent for biodegradation (biodegradation) and cleaning septic tanks, cesspools content, country of toilets, sanitary and sewage installations and structures.

The systematic use Mikrobek (Microbec) reduces the number of cleanings sump, cottage toilets, septic tanks, promotes efficient operation and individual household treatment plants, odors, cleans plumbing systems, increases the permeability of sanitary plumbing systems.

Effect of the drug:

Mikrobek contains special bacterial cultures and enzymes, which significantly accelerates the natural process of decomposition of organic wastes. Sewage, paper, vegetable waste fats and biodegradable. 3-phase operation Mikrobek provides a quick and efficient disintegration and decomposition of the contaminants, which are subject to enzymatic liquefaction and decay into absolutely safe and harmless for the environment simple chemical compounds and water. This allows you to be removed from the septic tank accumulated fat and reduces the number of cleanings of the collection of sewage. Application of strong and chlorine disinfectants and antibiotics, as well as an increase in impurities can reduce the effectiveness of impact Microbec. It is recommended to increase the dose or periodic use of the drug for cleaning toilets without chlorine Mikrobek WC Bio Gel To ensure proper action of the drug. Maximum efficiency is achieved by the preparation of its systematic use.


Mode of application:

The preparation is ready for use. Sachet (25 g) was poured into the toilet bowl and thoroughly wash with water. For summer toilets, cesspools, sewage and other contaminated flushing facilities package contents evenly dispersed on the surface. In the case of dry organic waste fractions must uniformly scatter content package and pour water on 4 l of water per 50 g of the means (2 bags).
The first application 2 sachet 3 m 3 for two consecutive days.
Subsequent application supports (see table.)


Displacement cesspool or septic tank cleaning apparatus in m 3 batching
13 1 bag per week (25 g)
4 - 8 2 bags per week (50 g)
> 8 4 bags per week (100g)

In the case of a long interruption in the application (use) of the drug should be double the dose for the first week. Re-application after a break in the use of the drug - for 2 consecutive days for 2 doses.

When initially heavily soiled septic tanks, cesspools and suburban toilets necessary to use tools to 5 days to complete biodegradation of the contents (waste, sewage).

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Attention! Keep out of the reach of children.

Store in sealed containers in a cool and dry place, protected from humidity indoors.


Shelf life: 5 years in unopened packaging.

Manufacturer: Bros Sp, Poland.


Manufacturer country Poland
Type Consumables Powder
Packaging pack
Weight packs (sac) 0.02 (kg)
destiny It reduces the amount of turning solid fractions into carbon dioxide and water
Country of manufacture:Poland
Information is up-to-date: 02.05.2019
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