Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection) in Vinnitsa company SPP
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Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection)
  • Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection)
  • Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection)
  • Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection)

Sanitary processing of rooms (disinfection)

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Problem of disinfection in the centers of the infectious diseases (the apartment, the house, the office and working room, hospital office, etc.) caused by pathogenic microbes - selective destruction of the causative agent of a concrete disease, for example, in the tuberculosis center – the causative agent of tuberculosis, in the hepatitis center – hepatitis viruses, etc. In that case that group of objects which serves as a factor of transfer of the causative agent of this disease is exposed to disinfection. Disinfection in medical, child care and other public institutions is carried out to reduce on purpose sharply the number of populations of all of microbes, potentially pathogenic for the person, on all objects of the room.

When carrying out disinfection there is a number of problems which need to be solved taking into account features of epidemiology of this or that infectious disease, geography of the place of its emergence, season, a variety of social conditions, etc. At the same time we have to have a clear view that is subject to disinfection when disinfection, by means of what means and what way to carry out it has to be made.

Preventive disinfection is carried out irrespective of identification of infectious patients and pursues the aim to prevent developing of Diseases. It provides a break of the mechanism of transfer, as a rule, not of one disease, but group of the diseases having the same factors of transfer.

Preventive disinfection is very widely applied in everyday life. At the same time epidemiological practice shows that its carrying out is expedient only when according to the contents and character it solves problems of the current disinfection, i.e. is carried out constantly (disinfecting of tap water, milk pasteurization, systematic washing of hands). An example of preventive disinfection is sewage treatment. In the course of it excrements in which causative agents of various intestinal infectious diseases often are found are disinfected.

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