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Scare moles
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Scare moles

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Mole  - insectivorous rodent. Most moles creates a system of underground tunnels in the meadows, suburban areas, flower beds with flowers, occasionally throwing the earth in the form of molehills, earth mounds.

Mole common - the typical inhabitant of deciduous forests, river valleys with meadows and deciduous trees, fields, orchards and gardens. Avoid areas with a high water table and sandy soils. Mole has extremely sharp senses. Especially developed his sense of smell by which it finds its food and is guided in its unusually intricate moves. Just excellent and hearing; on the other hand, the taste is poorly developed. In comparison with other animals of a similar size moles have twice as much blood and twice as high hemoglobin content in it. This allows you to breathe easily moles underground, where the oxygen content is reduced.

Moles repellency aimed at reducing the number of rodents in the area.

More information about the services on scaring moles you can find out by calling the operator company.

If you have a beautiful garden and fruit crops rich in land, but in the neighborhood inhabited by moles, in this case certainly need to take measures for scaring moles. Some gardeners are trying to save in such circumstances with the help of improvised means, but as a rule, it is ineffective. To finally expel moles with your site requires skilled hand, and not one. For each client, rodent developed by us under the individual plan. We are thrilled treat all existing plantations, so our service is "scaring moles" guarantees the customer a complete disappearance of rodents and safety of the infield. Measures to scaring moles are carried out in several stages, but as soon as possible.

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