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Weed control

from 580 UAH

Weed control  with herbicides that are permitted and used in many countries, as it does not harm the insects and do not harm the soil. If your farm overgrown with weeds of the most impossibly ... it's just a case of when to expect except on  herbicides,  is not everything.

When the observed  precautions  - are compulsory and gloves and protective suits, gas masks.

Well, when the big weeds, but not small. More chances to send them to the light. So, first give the weeds grow. Treated weeds turn yellow and die back in 2 weeks, leaving a handful of ashes ... It is important not to spray inadvertently cultivated plants!

Через 2 недели гербицид полностью разлагается, можно обрабатывать почву  и посадить что-то полезное для души.

Information is up-to-date: 05.02.2018

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Unbelievable price on Weed control in Vinnitsa (Ukraine) company Akvamarin-L, OOO.